Why Choose Stealth Aerial Imaging, Inc.
  • Compared to dispatching a small aircraft or helicopter, aerial photography from drones can have a significant cost savings to benefit you, the customer!

  • Drones are able to get into areas that large aircraft simply can not.

  • Our battery-operated drones are safe and eco-friendly!

  • We are committed to provide a professional product and will make sure each of our individual customers are satisfied.

What is a Drone Pilot?

A drone pilot is much more than a simple photographer.  They are people who control an aerial vehicle (aircraft) that is “unmanned” or remotely controlled by ground means.

Our drone pilots are individuals who are professional, trained, FAA-certified, and skilled in the field of piloting, airspace regulations, meteorology, and other skills critical to safety of flight in aviation.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

  • Video: 4K/30fps & 1080p/120fps

  • Photography: 20 Megapixel

  • Cinematic Flight Paths

  • 25 minute In-Flight Battery Life 

  • FAA Registered

*Stealth Aerial Imaging, Inc. is fully FAA Licensed (Pilots & Drones)

We carry a $1M Insurance Policy on all drone operations*