Servicing Chicagoland

Standard Service Area
Extended Service Area  - $25 Fuel Surcharge
  • The Federal Aviation Administration limits drone flights within 5 miles of controlled airports
Drone operations near Chicago O'Hare, Chicago Midway, Chicago Executive, DuPage Airport, Aurora Airport, andRockford Airport must be coordinated in advance to allow us to obtain the proper airspace authorization from the FAA.

Other FAA Regulations limiting Drone Flying:


-Not allowed to fly at night

-Must stay below 400 feet

-Must keep drone in sight at all times

-May not operate controls from a moving vehicle 

-See FAA Part 107 for more information


*If you require photography in these conditions, we must submit for an authorization in advance.  Since drone operations are fairly new to the FAA, the approval process can take up to 90 days.  We are willing to submit for an authorization to meet your needs!

<-- Most aerial photography is taken at 50-200 ft.

*Stealth Aerial Imaging, Inc. is fully FAA Licensed (Pilots & Drones)*